Digital Marketing Curriculum

We cover all aspects of digital marketing including SEO onpage, SEO offpage, SEM, SMO, PPC, Adwords, Adsense etc.

SEO Curriculum

Module 1 - Basics of SEO

Details : Structure of web pages , overview of search engines , how search engine works, understanding SERP , CTR , Bounce Rate.

Module 2 - Meta Tag Optimization

Details : Meta Tags , Title Tag, Description Tag and All other important Meta Tags

Module 3 - URL Structure

Details : SEO Friendly URL Structure , Importance of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Tags, Importance of Bold, Italic, Underline Tags.

Module 4 - Website Ranking

Details : What is alexa Rank, What is google PR Rank, Blocking Visibility of website, Robots meta Tags, Follow, No follow tags

Module 5 - Webmaster tools

Details : Google webmaster tools (Google and Bing ), How to Submit website, site map in google webmaster tools and bing webmaster tools, GEO Location Settings, How to create and test XML Sitemap, How to submit Sitemap to google and bing. How to create favicon .

Module 6 - On Page SEO

Details : Keyword Rich text body, how to check density of keywords, Hidden tags, Bold, Italic and H1, H2 Tags, Cross Linking, Image optimization .

Module 7 - Blog Creation

Details : Blog Creation and updating, Yahoo answer, Review writing

Module 8 - Social Media Optimization

Details : Social media Integration and promotion, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter .

Module 9 - Article Sharing

Details : Article writing and Picture sharing, Getting Traffic through Articles, Word file sharing SEO tips, PPT sharing, Video sharing tips, Social Book Marking

Module 10 - Classified submission

Details : Classified submission, Local, Country Wise, Tips for Classified Submission, How classified Ads. helps to promote business

Module 11 - Earn Money Online

Details : How to Earn money through online, Introduction to Google Adsense, Various ways to earn money online, by blogs, websites, Earn Through Facebook

Module 12 - Wordpress SEO

Details : SEO Wordpress plugin installation , Plugin Settings , Optimization , XML Sitemap , Permalinks, Integration with Google Adsense , Integration with Google Webmaster tools , Integration with Google Analytics, SEO for word press websites.

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